Not all strimmer lines are created equally, with some suitable for only trimming grass rather than tough woody weeds such as brambles. It is for this reason you should only buy the best strimmer line you can find.

If you would rather use your existing strimmer rather than buy a new brush cutter for clearing brambles, in this guide you’ll find several replacement strimmer lines that are heavy duty enough to stand up to the task.

Best Bramble Strimmer Lines

Best Strimmer Line for Brambles Reviews

Oregon Serrated Heavy Duty Strimmer Line

The Flexiblade from Oregon is a tough trimmer line that is available in several different diameters. Its constructed with a square profile which makes it more efficient at cutting than trimmers with the typical round profile. This is thanks to an increased overall weight and a better aerodynamic profile. The square edge profile has also been sharpened and has a coated outer skin for aggressive performance.

This durable and high-quality line has a high melting point of over 265 degrees which means that it won’t give up under heavy use. The other benefits of its aerodynamic profile are reduced noise and lower fuel consumption.

Oregon Flexiblade 111091E Strimmer Line

Oregon Flexiblade Heavy Duty Strimmer Line

Similar to the previous product, this Oregon Flexiblade strimmer line is another high-quality line that comes is several lengths and dimeters. This difference between the two is that this model is available with much shorter lengths, handy for smaller jobs.

You’re getting the same square profile which cuts aggressively and all of the other desirable performance properties too.

The perfect ‘go to’ for those small but tough vegetation clearing jobs.

Oregon Flexiblade 111085E Strimmer Line

Oregon Duoline Strimmer Line

The Oregon Duoline is a slightly more traditional strimmer line with a round profile. What makes it a good choice here is that its made from a high resistance carbon core for added durability and increased flexibility.

This line also has an anti-weld surface which prevents it from melting into whatever its cutting, allowing you to plough through any cutting task with ease.

Ultra-reliable and fantastic value for money with several diameters and lengths available.

Oregon Duoline 106504E Strimmer Line

Bramble Strimmer Line Buying Guide

Strimmer line is marketed and sold under several categories. These categories give you a clue as to how strong each product is and the type of gardening use it will be able to withstand.


Resistance relates to the strength of the line, with a higher rating signifying that the line is designed to last longer and is suitable for the toughest of cutting and clearing tasks.

A strimmer line that is suitable for brambles will come with a high resistance rating so keep an eye out for this specification.

Pair these high resistance strimmer wires with a top rated petrol strimmer for maximum cutting power.


Garden tools are loud enough as it is, so products that try and reduce noise emissions are welcomed by us.

The noise output of any strimmer line is related to its overall design and construction with material also playing a significant role.

The higher the rating, the quieter your strimmer line will be when cutting.


This specification relates to fuel or energy consumption. The heavier and less aerodynamic strimmer wire is, the more energy is required to keep it rotating at speed. This can have a considerable effect on the battery running time of cordless strimmers.

If this is an important factor for you, make sure to look for a high energy rating.

Replacing Strimmer Line
Replacing Strimmer Line Is Usually a Simple Process

Final Verdict – Best Strimmer Wire

We’ve reviewed the best strimmer line for brambles, each offering a high quality product that can make light work of the thickest of bramble bushes. Our top pick, the Oregon Serrated is the strimmer wire we’d choose but the other two options also make great choices.

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