Petrol strimmers are a versatile garden tool that allow you to perform a variety of gardening tasks without the need for a nearby power source. If you have a large garden or no way to route a power cable to where you need it, the petrol strimmer is for you.

There are many strimmers on the market, but which is the best? We’ve tested several and can now give you our verdict. Whether you’re looking for cutting power, fuel capacity, fuel type, ease of starting or low noise, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find the best petrol strimmer for your garden in 2021.

Ryobi Petrol Strimmer

Ryobi 2-in-1 Petrol Grass Strimmer

Best Overall


McCulloch Petrol Strimmer

McCulloch Trimmac Petrol Grass Strimmer

Great Value


ParkerBrand Petrol Strimmer

ParkerBrand Petrol Garden Strimmer

Great Alternative


Best Petrol Strimmer Reviews

Ryobi 2-in-1 Petrol Grass Strimmer

The Ryobi 2 in 1 Petrol Grass Cutter is our top pick for the best petrol strimmer. As you would expect, this strimmer packs a lot of power into a durable, reliable and lightweight tool.

The strimmer features a 43cm cutting area which makes it ideal for strimming larger areas. You get a 2.4mm bump feed line head with a “Reel Easy Head” for faster line refills which will enable you to spend more time cutting and less time on maintenance.

Our favourite feature is Ryobi’s “ONE+ EasyStart” system which makes it very easy to start the strimmer motor without the use of a pull cord. The feature alone will attract many buyers as pull cords can put gardeners off using petrol strimmers and other garden tools.

The Ryobi is a fantastic low emission strimmer which is a great choice for any gardener. You can see just how much people like it by taking a look at customer reviews.

McCulloch Trimmac Petrol Grass Strimmer

The McCulloch Trimmac Strimmer is a great alternative to our winner and is worthy of consideration. The strimmer’s 25cc petrol engine has a power output of 0.6kW which makes cutting through thick brush and overgrown grass quick and easy. Perfect for large gardens and those which need a lot of garden maintenance.

Despite the amount of power available, this strimmer is designed to be user friendly for even novice gardeners. The “Tap ‘n’ Go” system makes it easy to feed more line through the strimmer head by taping it on the ground and the motor’s filters can be accessed without any tools for easy replacement and cleaning.

This strimmer comes with a carry harness and weighs only 3.9kg, making all day use comfortable.

McCulloch Trimmac Petrol Grass Strimmer

ParkerBrand Petrol Garden Strimmer

The ParkerBrand 52cc Petrol Strimmer is a powerful tool that features a two stroke petrol engine. It outputs a hefty 2.2kW of power at 7500RPM which makes it one of the most powerful consumer petrol strimmers available.

This strimmer has a versatile split shaft design which allows it to be converted into a brush cutter via the use of the included attachments. This versatility expands its capability beyond most strimmers and is great if you need the added functionality.

It’s easy to assemble and comes with useful accessories such as a flower bed guard and a fuel mixing bottle as well as a body harness which makes handling this tool simple.

Hyundai 52cc Petrol Grass Strimmer

The Hyundai Petrol Strimmer is an exceptionally versatile garden tools that is suited to almost any task you could imagine. From lawn edging to clearing brambles and bushes, this strimmer can do it all.

Supremely comfortable and easy to use due to the inclusion of an ergonomic body harness and handlebar controls, this strimmer will allow you to cut and clear for hours without any hint of fatigue or tiredness.

The petrol motor is powerful and fuel efficient with plenty of torque for sustained cutting power, making light work of even heavy-duty garden clearing jobs. Perfect for large gardens and both professional and DIY gardeners.

Hyundai Petrol Strimmer

Einhell Two Stroke Petrol Grass Strimmer

The Einhell Two Stroke Strimmer is another 2 in 1 tool that is worth a look. Its versatility allows it to double up as a strimmer brush cutter and its long reach shaft handle allows for cutting and trimming hard to reach areas.

Two stroke engines can be difficult to start but this strimmer features a quick start system with an integrated auto choke making starting it very simple and consistent. It’s also a low vibration engine with reduces the onset of fatigue.

Transportation and storage is made easy due to the split shaft design which basically allows the tool to fold into two halves.

Completing the package is a 3 tooth blade with a 45cm cutting width which is designed for cutting through dense brush and undergrowth as well as branches.

Einhell Two Stroke Petrol Grass Strimmer

Petrol Strimmer Buying Guide

Buying a petrol-powered garden strimmer is a great way to ensure you’re able to tackle any gardening job, whether clearing overgrown grass, brambles, shrubbery or weeds. Few garden tools are more useful or more versatile, and petrol strimmers run forever with very little maintenance. If we could only own two garden tools, we’d choose a petrol strimmer and the best petrol lawn mower you can find.

Like all power tools, the petrol strimmer needs to be handled with care so there are a few things you should know before deciding to take the plunge and purchase your own. That’s exactly where this guide comes in, as we know the ins and outs of these grass trimmers and can lead you to the best one for your tool kit.

Cutting Power

Garden strimmers are powered by petrol engines, mains power or battery. Petrol strimmers are actually the most common type and are also usually the cheapest to purchase with cordless battery strimmers being some of the most expensive. The main difference is that you’ll need to buy fuel for the fuel tank which will add to running costs.

Some petrol strimmers can be noisy and heavier than their electric counterparts, but the upsides are increased power and performance. The larger your garden, the more you’ll benefit from this type of strimmer. Petrol trimmers come with a 2 stroke engine or 4 stroke engine. We suggest going for the 4 stroke petrol engine for ease of use.

Cutting Width

The cutting area or width of petrol strimmers can range from 25cm up to 50cm. This measurement refers to the size of the cutting head which will vary by machine. Many strimmers feature an adjustable cutting width which allows you to fine tune your strimmer to the requirements of the job.

The larger the cutting area, the greater the area of grass or foliage you’ll be able to cut at one time. Perfect for those larger jobs which involve clearing large areas in one go.

If you have a smaller garden with lots of plants or other obstacles, using the smallest cutting width will be required to prevent accidental damage to both your strimmer and your flowers.

Looking for a wider cutting width for hedges? Take a look at our hedge trimmer reviews

Ease of Starting

Modern strimmers are much better than their older versions. A common issue used to be the difficulty and time taken to get the strimmer started. Newer versions are designed to be easier to start with less priming (using a choke) required to bring the motor to life.

Look for models with a push start button rather than a pull cord as they are much more user friendly.

Blade Durability

Blade durability is an important factor, even if you don’t think you’ll be tackling any heavy duty gardening jobs. A high-quality blade will last longer and is far safer under stress, lowering the potential for injury and damage.

Always look for the highest quality brush cutting blade you can find. Blades with 3-7 teeth are perfect for clearing brush and thin branches. 30 tooth blades are better suited to thick, dense foliage including brambles.

If your strimmer uses a spooled strimmer line, make sure its durable enough for the jobs you plan on doing.

Looking for the best brush cutter for brambles? Take a look at our guide.

Handle & Ergonomic Comfort

Your strimmer should be comfortable to use, both for ease of use as well as your safety. All handles should be easy to grip and should allow you the control and range of motion required.

The better grass strimmers feature a handlebar style setup which allows you to evenly distribute weight across both arms. Each model should come with a shoulder harness too which assists with increased control when using your strimmer.


Petrol strimmers typically weigh in at around 10-12kg when full of fuel. This isn’t a lot of weight but can take a while to get use to if you have never used a strimmer before.

Newer models are designed to be lightweight and easier to control but you should always use the supplied harness. This straps the strimmer to your torso, taking much of the weight off your arms so you can control it better.

Safety is the number one priority so never persevere if you’re finding using your petrol grass trimmer to be too difficult.

Final Verdict

The best petrol strimmer is the one that is best suited to your requirements and offers the best value for money. Our top pick, the Ryobi 2-1 petrol grass trimmer is a safe bet and is the one we’d go for, but if one of the other models better suits your needs, you’ll be served by a high-quality tool that will last for years.

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