Cordless garden tools are more widely available and cheaper than they’ve ever been. Our favourite multipurpose garden tool is the cordless strimmer which is the easiest way to tackle a variety of gardening jobs.

Whether you have your own allotment or just a home garden to tend, cordless strimmers allow you to quickly trim grassed areas, tidy up lawn edges and verges and even cut through tall weeds and reeds. All without the hassle of being tethered to a mains power supply.

In this guide we’re going to introduce you to the best cordless strimmers you can buy, taking into account battery life, portability and cutting power.


BLACK+DECKER 36V Cordless Lithium-Ion Strimmer

Best Overall


Bosch Cordless Strimmer

Bosch Advanced Cut Cordless Grass Strimmer

Great Value


Makita Cordless Strimmer

Makita DUR181Z Cordless Strimmer

Great Alternative


Best Cordless Strimmer Reviews

BLACK+DECKER 36V Cordless Lithium-Ion Strimmer

The Black+Decker 36v Strimmer is the best cordless strimmer you can buy today. It is supplied with a 36v lithium ion battery that provides enough power for the toughest of garden clearing jobs with run time to spare.

To put that into context, Black+Decker claim that this strimmer will cut up to 3750 linear metres of grass on a single charge. Enough battery capacity for even the largest of gardens.

The cutting width available through the supplied strimmer head is a generous 30cm which makes clearing larger areas easy while still providing enough fine control for edging more delicate areas such as flower beds.

This strimmer features an “eco mode” too which is designed to extend battery life allowing you to go longer between charges. Whether as the best cordless strimmer for an allotment or your garden, this truly is the best cordless strimmer you can buy.

Bosch Advanced Cut Cordless Grass Strimmer

The next best strimmer we tested was this entry from Bosch. Designed to be used with a 36v lithium battery, this strimmer is perfect for both small and large gardens alike whether you’re a gardening novice or a pro.

The amount of power available is more than adequate which is further enhanced by the dual line mechanism which makes cutting through grass and weeds even more efficient. These features in addition to the semi auto line feed which release more line whenever the trigger is released makes using this strimmer a doddle.

Our only gripe is that this model isn’t supplied with a battery or charger, so you’ll need to buy one separately. If you can overlook this fact, this lightweight strimmer is sure to be perfect for your needs.

Makita DUR181Z Cordless Strimmer for Allotments

The Makita Cordless Li-ion Strimmer is a versatile garden tool that’s compatible with a wide range of lithium ion batteries. This means you can use anything from a 12v up to a 48v battery depending on your needs.

As you would expect, this strimmer is user friendly and features an ergonomic handle that can be adjusted to your height for easier handling. The line feed mechanism is the traditional bump feed variety which is reliable and simple to use.

The cutting width is on the narrower side at 26cm, so we’d recommend this model for small to medium sized allotments and smaller gardens. This isn’t to say it isn’t suitable for large gardens, it just means clearing large areas will take longer.

A great grass trimmer from a great company.

Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Cordless Grass Strimmer

Ryobi’s Cordless Grass Strimmer is a high performance 18v model that is perfect for allotments and smaller gardens. It comes with several handy features including a pivoting strimmer head, a telescopic shaft and an adjustable pommel handle which makes strimming at any height comfortable.

You’re provided with an adjustable cutting area of 25-30cm which allows you to tailor the tool to the task, whether trimming, clearing or edging. The auto fed line spool adds to the ease of use and is great to see on a mid-range model.

This garden tool can be used as both an edger and a strimmer and it’s easy to switch between the two different modes. It isn’t supplied with a battery or a charger but is compatible with any Ryobi One+ battery.

And at this great price, that isn’t a disadvantage.

Ryobi OLT1832 ONE+ Cordless Grass Strimmer

BLACK+DECKER 18V Cordless Strimmer

The last cordless strimmer on our list is another entry by Black+Decker. This model is the 18v version which doesn’t pack as much power but may be more suitable for your gardening requirements.

It comes with the same high-quality features including the “E-Drive” system which allows the strimming head to power through thicker undergrowth without slowing down. There is also a variable power mode which allows you to adjust the power output for each task which helps to conserve battery life.

One innovative function is the wheel attachment which makes edging much easier. Rather than hover the strimmer over the cutting area, simply turn it on its side and roll it along the grass for an even cut.

Available both with and without a battery and charger, this strimmer is all most people will ever need and one of our favourite models.

BLACK+DECKER 18V Cordless Strimmer

Cordless Strimmer Buying Guide

Cordless strimmers offer the best of both worlds. They allow you to roam the length and breadth of your garden without the drawbacks of a power cable as well as the noise associated with petrol strimmers. For most people, they’re simply the best option.

Whether you’re buying a rechargeable cordless strimmer for your home garden, a public garden or an allotment, there are several features you’ll need to consider before settling on a model. In this guide, we tell you what those features are.

Cutting Power

The most important characteristic of any strimmer is its ability to deal with not only trimming grass but clearing areas of woody weeds and tall brush. The more jobs you intend to tackle with your strimmer, the tougher and heavier duty it will need to be. For the really tough jobs, we recommend some of the best brush cutters for brambles.

Cutting power comes down to the power and strength of the electric motor housed inside your strimmer. Always look for the strongest power output as it’ll be able to cut through tougher jobs without tiring or slowing down.

As a guide, cordless strimmers that come with larger capacity batteries that feature a higher voltage are usually more powerful. Look for a 36v battery if you need the additional power.

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Battery Life

Another important factor is how much running time your battery pack will provide. This comes down to a combination of battery capacity, motor output, motor speed and the type of vegetation you’re cutting through.

Always look for the largest capacity battery available. They’re measured in amp hours or Ah and you want the biggest number possible. A 3.0Ah battery is bigger than a 2.0Ah battery for example.

The best cordless strimmers have the ability to adjust cutting speed. The lower the rotational speed of the cutting head or strimmer line, the longer the battery will last per charge.

Charging Time

If you do a lot of gardening, you’re going to want a battery pack that charges as quickly as possible. Charge time comes down to the capacity of the battery as well as the type of charger used to charge it.

The average 2.0Ah lithium ion battery takes around 3 hours to charge, but this can vary. Most strimmers will offer a quick charge function if you only need to tackle a small gardening job.

Cutting Width

The diameter of the cutting tool will affect the size of the area you’ll clear with each stroke. Larger cutting diameters will clear areas faster which is great for large allotments and gardens.

A width of 30cm is a good number to aim for but larger cutting widths usually come with a higher price tag. Models with an adjustable cutting area are also desirable as they allow you to tailor the tool to the needs of each task.

Some cordless strimmers can use a spool of strimmer line which allows you to change the cutting width by dispensing more line. Always use the best strimmer line you can for added durability.


The ideal cordless strimmer is one that offers adequate cutting strength with a low overall weight. The compromise is that more powerful strimmers usually feature larger battery packs which weigh more.

At the top end of the product range, its possible to pick up lightweight 36v cordless strimmers but these are pricier.

A heavier strimmer will cause fatigue to set in quicker so balance the amount of time you intend to use yours with its weight. A weight of 10kg or less is a good number to aim for.

A strimmer with a harness is also an option to look for as it’ll allow you to use it for hours without tiring.

Noise Output

Strimmers that are powered by electricity, whether mains or battery, tend to be relatively quiet during use. Most of the noise you’ll hear will be from the cutting edge cutting through grass, twigs and branches.

This is one of the biggest advantages over petrol powered strimmers.

Final Verdict

Cordless strimmers are the perfect garden tool and will help you to complete a wide variety of gardening jobs. The best one is the one that falls within your budget and offers you the features you require.

Our top pick Black+Decker 36V is the best cordless strimmer for most gardeners, but if you prefer one of the other models we’ve reviewed, we guarantee that they won’t disappoint.

The Makita DUR181Z is the best cordless strimmer for allotments due to its low weight and portability.

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