Rococo Garden

Rococo Garden Acquisition

We are pleased to announce that has recently acquired, making Rococo Garden part of the Garden Yard brand.

This means you will continue to receive all of the great content that Painswick Rococo Garden is known for as well as the gardening content unique to Garden Yard.

We are still passionate about gardening and lawn maintenance so be sure to read our lawn feed guide as well as our lawn moss killer guide. We’ll continue to share with you our knowledge and expertise in horticulture so you can apply our methods to your garden, whether you yourself are an expert or an aspiring green thumb who is simply looking for an easy to use hover lawn mower or a mower for under £100.

Rococo Garden is still maintained with the best gardening tools available which is why we share these products with you. Some of them include petrol mowers which are used to maintain our lawns as well as the cordless strimmers and brush cutters which help to keep our garden neat and tidy.