This guide showcases and explains our top picks for the best lawn scarifier for your garden.

We’ll also go into the different types of lawn scarifier and aerator you can buy as well as which is likely to be best for you. We’ll also of course tell you which products to look out for and why.

Here are the best lawn scarifiers available to buy today.

Cobra Petrol Scarifier

Cobra Petrol Lawn Scarifier

Best Petrol Model


AL-KO Petrol Scarifier

AL-KO Petrol Lawn Scarifier

Great Value


Bosch Electric Scarifier

Bosch Electric Scarifier

Best Electric Model


Best Lawn Scarifier Reviews

Cobra S40C 2-in-1 Petrol Scarifier

If you are shopping for a petrol scarifier, the Cobra S40C 2-in-1 is the one to go for.

It is powered by an easy to start 212cc 4-stroke engine which provides enough power for fast and efficient lawn raking and de-thatching.

It is supplied with two cartridges including a 17 blade de-thatching cartridge for removing lawn thatch and a 16 spring tined cartridge for removing moss and dead foliage.

Selecting your desired height is made simple by using a dial on the front of the machine. You’re able to choose from five different height settings which range from +5mm to -15mm.

Due to how much power this scarifier has, we suggest using the highest setting first to see how much debris is removed. Using the lowest setting first might damage your lawn so use that setting last if required.

The working width of this model is 40cm and the collector bin holds 45 litres of organic waste which should be enough for gardeners who regularly rake their lawn.

If on the other hand your lawn is covered in moss or thatch and you rarely rake it, you may need a model with a larger collector. It depends on how often you’re willing to empty this container.

Because of this, some people leave the collector bin off and hand collect any moss and thatch instead.

Definitely the best petrol lawn scarifier.

Cobra Petrol Lawn Scarifier

AL-KO 38P Combi-Care 2-in-1 Small Petrol Lawn Scarifier

The AL-KO 38P Combi-Care is smaller than the Cobra model but is still adequate for lawns up to 1200m2 in size according to the manufacturer.

The engine is much smaller at 53cc which equals less overall power. One benefit to the smaller capacity motor is that it can spin at up to 6100 rpm which makes raking thick moss and thatch easy.  

One of the biggest advantages to this model over the Cobra is its light weight, weighing half as much as the larger model.

You’re able to choose from five cutting heights and have a fixed working width of 38cm. The collection bin has a decent 55 litre capacity, but you will find yourself filling it quickly depending on the size and condition of your lawn.

We also found that scarifying with this container full causes the machine to wheelie on its rear wheels due to the added weight. Something to be mindful of. Of course, this can be overcome by leaving the bin off and collecting raked debris by hand.

Cleaning is made easy due to the design of the underside of this machine. There are no areas for debris such as soil and moss to hide which means it can be wiped down with ease.

The AL-KO is a well-built small petrol scarifier and one we recommend.  

AL-KO Petrol Lawn Scarifier

Bosch AVR 1100 Verticutter Electric Lawn Scarifier

The Bosch AVR 1100 is a verticutter rather than a scarifier or lawn rake.

Verticutting is a type of scarification which involves removing moss and lawn thatch as well as discouraging the growth of shallow rooting weed grasses and creeping weeds.  

Verticutting also prunes the roots of grass plants which encourages new growth of desirable grass species

The made difference is that verticutters have more blades and don’t cut as deeply as a traditional scarifier. The benefits are that this type of machine is gentler on your lawn which means it can be used year round.

Despite this, it still removes a significant amount of moss and thatch.

Four height adjustments are possible which range from +5mm to -10mm in conjunction with 14 pivoting blades.

You also benefit from Bosch’s ‘Jet Collection System’ which involves sucking collected material into the included 50 litre collection box. The feature works well and is best for those who scarify regularly to prevent thatch and moss build up.

The total weight is just under 10kg which is manageable, and it can easily be stored away due to its folding handles and storage box.  

If you prefer to reduce moss and thatch growth by scarifying regularly, the Bosch AVR1100 is the scarifier for you.

Reliable, easy to use and simply the best electric lawn scarifier available.

Bosch Electric Scarifier

VonHaus 2-in-1 Electric Lawn Scarifier & Lawn Rake

Looking for a powered scarifier on a budget? The VonHaus 2-in-1 Scarifier and Aerator is the machine for you. Much cheaper than the Bosch model but still available with a 2 year warranty.

Its sturdy enough to last and includes a powerful 1500 watt motor. It tears up moss and thatch with ease and was able to extract a lot of organic debris during testing.

Four height settings are available which are selected by a lever although its important you choose the highest setting for the first use to prevent lawn damage.

Psychically manoeuvring the scarifier is easy enough due to the low weight of sub 10kg, but there are a couple of drawbacks.

The collector bin has a 28 litre capacity which isn’t enough unless you don’t mind repeatedly having to empty it. This model will also require the use of an extension lead due to the short 10m power cord.

The underside is difficult to clean and the instruction manual isn’t the easiest to read but limitations are expected at this price point.

Overall, the best cheap scarifier you will find.

Wolf Garten Multi-Change Thatch Removal Rake

Are you on a budget, own a small garden or simply prefer manual scarifiers? This is the best hand scarifier for you.

It’s important to note that the handle needs to be bought separately unless you already own a Wolf Garten handle.

This is because it’s a ‘Multi-Change’ tool which means that different tools can be used with the same handle. You can buy a scarifier head for removing thatch and a rake head attachment to rake it up. You can then attach a hoe head for hoeing your lawn borders and edges before changing it for a brush head to sweep up waste material.  

It’s simple but works well. The metal prongs cut into lawn turf easily with a deeper rake achieved by lifting the handle higher. This allows you to achieve a deep scarification and remove thatch consistently.  

The rake’s build quality is excellent. It is sturdy and solid in use and is backed with a 10 year guarantee.

Wolf Garten Manual Lawn Rake

Alko 38E Combi-Care 2-in-1 Electric Scarifier

The AL-KO 38E Combi Care is the electric version of the petrol model we reviewed earlier.

It has all of the same features with the main difference being the electric motor and a 12m power cable. The biggest advantage over the petrol model is that it is 6kg lighter.

It’s also around half the price of the petrol version.

It performed just as well and removed vast quantities of thick thatch, even on the highest setting. Just like the petrol model, the underside is completely smooth, so cleaning is very easy.

A great scarifier for those looking for something cost effective and lightweight.

AL-KO Electric Lawn Scarifier

Choosing the Best Lawn Scarifier For Your Garden

Choosing the best scarifier for your lawn is easy.

The best one for you depends on the size of your lawn, your budget and whether or not you like hard physical work. If you’re wondering how to use your new scarifier or lawn aerator, our guide on ‘how to scarify your lawn‘ will show you what to do whether you bought a powered machine or hand tool.

Hand-Held Scarifiers

If you have a small lawn and a limited budget, a hand-held scarifier is likely to be your best choice.

You must be ready for a bit of hard work though. Even a small lawn can take several hours to scarify by hand with a handheld scarifier.

Make sure you wear gloves to reduce blisters.

The benefits are that scarifying with a manual scarifier is gentler on your lawn than using a powered machine.

Remember, hand-helds are only really viable for the smallest lawns.  

Electric Scarifiers

Often sold as powered scarifiers, electric scarifiers or electric lawn rakes.

The better models come with interchangeable cassettes. A wire cassette for raking out moss and a bladed cassette for scarifying or de-thatching lawns. This makes them suitable for home use.

They’re perfect for small to medium-sized lawns from 30 square meters up to 100 square meters. Any bigger than that and the short power cord will become a problem.

This is our favoured option, even for small lawns. A powered scarifier and lawn rake will simply get the job done faster.

Petrol Scarifiers

Starting at around £300 and increasing into the thousands for a professional scarifier, petrol scarifiers are the most expensive of the lot.

Perfect for large lawns of 100m2 or larger due to the absence of a power cord. In these cases, a petrol scarifier really is the only viable option.

Like the electric versions, the best petrol scarifiers come with interchangeable cassettes for both raking and scarifying duties. And due to their power, petrol scarifiers make the removal of moss and thatch much easier.

A great investment if you’re a serious gardener who is into lawn care or simply want to keep your lawn in the best condition possible.

Handy Tip: Using a moss killer for lawns will make scarifying easier.

When To Scarify Your Lawn

Final Verdict

Choosing the best lawn scarifier for your lawn will save you a lot of time and hard work.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy a decent model, but the pricier options usually come with better features and superior build quality. Simply put, buy the best machine you can afford.

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