Hover lawn mowers are often preferable for gardeners who struggle to push normal mowers or have a garden with uneven terrain. We’ve tested and reviewed the best hover mowers in the UK to assist you with your new purchase.

If you’re looking to buy a new hover mower, keep reading and we’ll point you towards the best one.

Flymo Hover Mower

Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Lawn Mower

Best Overall


Flymo Hover Vac Mower

Flymo Hover Vac 280

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Flymo Turbo Hover Mower

Flymo TurboLite 400

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Best Hover Mower UK Reviews

Flymo Easi Glide 300 Electric Hover Lawn Mower

The Flymo Easi Glide 300 is a powerful hover mower with 4 selectable cutting heights and a 30cm metal cutting blade. It’s perfect for small to medium sized gardens and comes supplied with a 10m power cable and a hook to prevent it from getting tangled. The included 20L cutting collection box allows you to mow your entire lawn in one go.

Powered by a 1300W electric motor, this mower makes quick work of even tall and dense grass. It weighs just under 9kgs making it easy to manoeuvre should you need to carry it a short distance to reach your lawn. And of course, the hover system means mowing for even extended periods feels almost effortless.

This Flymo hover mower is well designed and features a durable and high quality construction. It is the best hover mower you can buy and the one to go for, for most gardeners.

Flymo Hover Vac 280 Electric Hover Lawn Mower

The Flymo Hover Vac 280 is a hover mower that’s great for small to medium sized gardens. This model is ergonomically designed which makes it ideal for regular use without the fatigue associated with other larger mowers.

The Hover Vac can collect and compact large amounts of grass cuttings which reduces the need to empty the collection box frequently. The 20L grass box actually allows you to mow your entire garden in one go and the low weight of 8.8kg makes transportation and storage easy.

The cutting height can quickly be customised via the use of a switch and this model allows you to get really close to the edges of your lawn, so you won’t have to use a strimmer. The 29cm cutting width provided by the steel blade allows you to easily manoeuvre it around trees, rocks and other garden obstacles.

The Flymo Hover Vac 280 is a great choice and is easily the second best hover lawn mower for most gardeners.

Flymo Hover Vac 280

Flymo SimpliGlide 360 Electric Hover Mower

The Flymo SimpliGlide 360 is one of the best hover lawn mowers available in the UK due to its great design and the powerful 1800W motor.

This hover lawn mower features a 36cm metal blade and 4 individual cutting heights, providing you with total control over the finish of your lawn. It’s best suited to medium to large gardens although still a great fit for smaller lawns. We found the 10m cable and the included cable loop especially useful as they prevent tangling and accidentally cutting through the cable when mowing.

Suitable for both left and right handed people, this is one of the most ergonomic mowers we’ve tested and is incredibly easy to use. It’s also one of the lightest hover mowers we’ve tested with a total weight of just 7.5kg, complete with foldable handles for easy storage.

Flymo SimpliGlide 360 Hover Lawn Mower

Spear & Jackson Hover Lawnmower

The Spear & Jackson Hover Collect Lawn Mower comes from a great brand who produce some fantastic gardening tools. This mower features one of the most powerful motors on test with an output of 1700W. Combined with a cutting width of 33cm, this hover makes it both easy and enjoyable to cut your grass. Great for small, medium and large gardens.

This mower is particularly agile due to the hover technology used, literally floating on a cushion of air which makes it feel almost weightless in motion. The soft grip ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and prevents fatigue and its added width allows you to operate the mower with only one hand if you choose.

The included 12m power cable should negate the need for an extension cord and it can also be stowed away for easy storage. The handle also folds down to conserve space when stored away.

Charles Bentley Electric Hover Lawnmower

The best hover mower for small gardens is the Charles Bentley Hover Lawnmower. Its exceptionally compact yet still packs the power of some of the large models. The 1000W electric motor cuts through grass with ease whether a lawn or patch of grass and the 28cm cutting width allows for maximum agility for mowing in tight spaces and obstacle avoidance.

Like most hover mowers, this one has 4 cutting heights and the typical 20L grass collection box. The 10m power cable is a useful length and is adequate for small gardens without the need for an extension cord. Best of all, a weight of under 6kg and a set of wheels make transportation from shed to lawn easy.

Comfortable soft grip ergonomic handles allow you to push the mower with a single hand and these handles also fold inwards for easy storage.

Charles Bentley Electric Hover Mower

Hover Lawn Mower Buyer’s Guide

A hover lawn mower floats on a cushion of air, removing the main disadvantage of conventional push mowers. This is the main reason for their popularity as they require little physical effort to operate. Awkward, uneven terrain also becomes much easier to cut for those with oddly shaped or landscaped gardens.

There are loads of hover mowers on the market, including larger petrol powered models and smaller electric models. Both types have their uses, but you likely already know which you prefer. Keep reading our buyer’s guide for more information on the features you should be looking for when shopping for a new hover mower.

Cutting Power

Hover lawn mowers are powered by petrol or electricity. Petrol mowers are best for professional uses and larger gardens as they provide exceptional power but can be too noisy for some people.

Electric lawn mowers are the most popular type for smaller gardens. They come with either a power cable or a rechargeable battery depending on the model you buy. Large gardens will need a motor with a bit more power (1500W plus), while small gardens can manage with around 1300W.

Cutting Width

A wider mower will allow you to cut your grass quicker as they reduce the number of lengths you need to complete. The downside is that they’re more difficult to manoeuvre which won’t be suitable for all gardens. If you possess a square or rectangular garden, a wide cutting blade will be more efficient.

If on the other hand your garden is awkwardly shaped, go with a smaller cutting width. Mowing may take longer but it will be far easier as you manoeuvre around trees and flower beds.

Cutting Height

All of the best hover mowers have several cutting height options so you can tailor your trim to your preference. Basic hover mowers may feature only one or two settings; these models are best avoided unless you know that’s all you need.

A mower with a roller attachment will give you an attractive striped effect on your lawn.

Ease of Use

Your mower should be easy to manoeuvre when being transported and when in use. Look for features such as a low overall weight and ergonomic foldable handles. Hover mowers with wheels are also a great option if you know you’ll need to push your mower to move it from the shed to your lawn and back again.

Hover mowers are the easiest type to use after push mowers. We’ve reviewed the best push lawn mowers in this guide.

Power Cord Length

A power cable that’s very long can become a trip hazard and they’re more likely to tangle. Too short and you might require an extension cable to reach the full length of your garden. Small to medium sized gardens usually require a cable length of around 10m. Those with large gardens should be looking for a cable length of 12m or longer.

If you want to get rid of power cords and cables altogether, buying the best cordless mower is your best option.

Final Verdict

The best hover mower is the Flymo Easi Glide 300 which we recommend for most gardeners. It should last you for years and will make mowing your lawn a task you look forward to.

If your gardening needs are slightly different, the other hover mower recommendations on our list are also great alternative options.

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