The Morning Glory Climber – Ipomoea purpurea – is an easy-to-grow plant which can provide fast results.

It’s a perennial plant but will be treated as an annual when sowing from seed. There are various types of plants under the name Mina; however, we talk about true Morning Glory here – Ipomoea Purpurea.

This flower is named ‘Morning glory’ because it has blue flowers that blossom in early morning hours and last just one day before being replaced by others throughout the year.

Growing Morning Glory in a Container

Morning Glories are easy-going, as long as you take care of watering and feeding.

A pot is all that’s needed to grow one; however, it must be placed in water or with an extra saucer nearby so there will always be enough moisture for this thirsty plant.

It can climb up to 12 feet tall which is 3 meters. No matter where grown, Morning Glory still stretches out eagerly every day to explore their environment (a bit like Bindweed).

Morning Glory Propagation

Propagation is the process of cultivating new plants from old for use in gardens. There are many methods to propagate, but one method most gardeners find easy and simple is through seed sowing.

Sow your seeds into a 3 inch pot with plenty of soil at the beginning of spring before it gets too hot outside (between 15-20 degrees Celsius).

The other propagation technique that tends to be more difficult for beginners, starts by taking soft cuttings from summer plant growths which can then start growing new roots when they’re placed deep enough into moistened soil or composted manure pellets.

Pests and Other Diseases

When starting out you may also have problems like pests such as red spider mites and aphids along with diseases including powdery mildew if this plant is grown under glass.

Final Verdict

Morning Glory is the perfect flower to grow if you’re new to gardening. Whether you decided to use a plant container or grow within a soil bed, we’re confident you’ll have no trouble cultivating this classic flower.

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